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  1. Piano and voice lessons are geared to the individual student , and while geared to the individual students, no two lessons are alike.  Creativity and spontaneity are always at lessons and while  I am generally laid back, structure and goals are also stressed.. I have taken graduate courses and study in piano and vocal pedagogy, music teaching for the Adult Student, courses in opera, choral directing, and children's choir techniques, to name a few. I have also taught classroom music grades K-8. My past history includes Director of Music in Tabernacle, Willingboro  and Trenton, NJ 

I've been teaching at this convenient family location since 1995 (many students ride their bikes to their lesson)and I incorporate many different lesson methodologies geared toward each individual. You are always welcome to make an appointment and visit the studio to take a lesson or seek advice on which instrument to study or whether it is a good time to start.

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"Mary is very knowledgeable and personable. She gives excellent instruction and gentle correction in a way that makes you want to do your best in every aspect of the learning process. Mary is also very attentive to your needs and your development as a student. She knows when to allow for the errors that a beginner like myself will make, and when to present challenges that will push you, and show you that your skill and talent are growing. She also gives homework assignments that will help you grow your talent when you're in between lessons, which I really appreciate. I absolutely recommend Mary to anyone wishing to take music lessons!" - Vaughn Y.

"Always great experience and a pleasure to work with. My son's voice has shown great improvement." - Irene S. 

Great art doesn’t just happen. It has to be produced by people whose talent and skill are recognized early, nurtured, and given room to grow. Art also needs educated audiences to view it, listen to it, and pay for it. But audiences are created only if we educate our children to understand, appreciate, and make art themselves. And that means arts education.”

-Carol Sterling, Consultant, Arts Education

Mozart Marriage of Figaro

Overture Piano Duet

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