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Monthly tuition includes recitals, group lessons, Masterclasses, and additional musical opportunities.

 30 minutes  174 monthly

 45 minutes   241

 60 minutes   271

It is pro-rated September -June.  You are welcome to register for 4 introductory lessons  to experience everything the music studio has to offer for $105. It is very important to find the correct experienced and qualified teacher for your goals and learning style

National​​ average for piano and voice lessons, effective April 2022, via Takelessons,  (and this varies  depending on teacher experience, type of lessons, and location.) 

30 minutes  $47  voice study generally $3-5 more.​

60 minutes  $79​


Questions to ask a teacher.

What are your qualifications?

Education. Music Degree Lawrence University/Conservatory. Graduate Studies Westminster/Ryder.

Goals/expectations. For student to always progress and we set some goals together, Monthly focus in addition to lesson includes, September note recognition, October , chords. Nov and Dec, improv, etc. Large board in studio shows individual achievements.

Teaching Experience. 39 years of private studio teaching (28 in Medford Lakes) 

Philosophies of Music Education.

With experience comes more knowledge! And there is more than one type of learning. My philosophy is to learn music while exercising the brain.

Utilizing specific songs you wish to learn; to have a hobby that uses your  emotions. To develop a skill that you will enjoy for a lifetime.  

As an educator, my role is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to learn and grow. Music is key to experiencing and understanding feelings through musical experiences.

Lesson focus can offer students the agility to internalize music for reasons beyond enjoyment.

Music/feelings are constant. Human beings constantly feel. Musical sound externalizes an allowance to hold unto a feeling so it cannot wash away, giving a permanence. Music lessons will inspire learning, and will work collaboratively making discoveries. Students learn at the center. And building a relationship is so important to learning.

I’ll strive to ENGAGE, CHALLENGE and INSPIRE growth.

This is my full-time career  and I focus on keeping an open connection to parents.  I have great material for the parent regarding progress, the "I don't wanna practice syndrome" and answers to many questions you will have.

Lessons are geared to the individual, many methods, and add some fun and unique ideas that include "How to compose", "How to improvise", "How to play lead lines" , "how to expand your singing range", " Unique singing warm-ups geared to the individual, and "let performance jitters work for you", to name a few. ❤️


Individual basis.

Lives busy.  I see a private student 1% of their week. It will ebb and flow.  I have many tips on practicing guidelines, 

I have many creative ideas for practicing and I know some weeks will not have much. Competing with sports, school, video games adds extra challenges and we can  work with this. I have so many ideas, it does take a village however, keep me in the loop.



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