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30-minute sessions   Package of 4 introductory $89.00
Monthly tuition is pro-rated 11 months (July/August combines as 1 month for vacation/time off)

Monthly Tuition includes group lessons, 
Lessons are geared to the individual, and I utilize many methods, and add some fun and unique ideas that include  "How to compose", "How to improvise", "How to play lead lines" , "how to expand your singing range",  " Unique singing warm-ups geared to the individual, and "let performance jitters work for you", to name a few.    ❤️

 SCHEDULING involves some unique features such as lesson @ 4:10 pm, in case you are car-pooling to more than one event.   Alternate weeks.  Learn with a friend.
Two lessons per week.   Skype or FaceTime some lessons.

Individual basis.  Busy lives/ schedules need creative practicing inc a couple weeks of vacation from practicing in exchange for a couple everyday practice weeks, etc I know this is the ultimate challenge as you do not want to be the "practice or else" monster, nor do you want your child to dislike music. We are at a disadvantage in if a child doesn't finish school assignments, or misses a few swimming or soccer practices/games,  they can  be out,  and so when they "don't feel like it" they still follow through.  Learning an instrument is a solo event. I have some tips and creative practice ideas, which also adds chances to win a PlayStation.

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